Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Best of the Web Today: Another ObamaCare Victim -

Best of the Web Today: Another ObamaCare Victim - "But the answer to Frum's first three rhetorical questions is that every Republican in the House, in both the 112th and 113th congresses, has voted repeatedly for full repeal of ObamaCare, as have a very small number of Democrats. As Washington Post "fact checker" Glenn Kessler noted in July, Democrats have actually been exaggerating the number of such votes.

Big deal, Frum could reasonably counter. A vote in one chamber of a bicameral legislature and a $5 appropriation will buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Republicans held firm, but with no results.

Sometimes, however, it is worth holding firm even if it means sustaining a defeat. And here is where we find Frum's view in 2010 so wrongheaded as to make his difficulty with ObamaCare now an occasion for Schadenfreude."

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