Monday, August 11, 2014

Hey, maybe the GOP should tank the midterms « Hot Air

Hey, maybe the GOP should tank the midterms « Hot Air: "After reading various lefty defenses of Obama’s executive power grabs, though, I see that there is an important reason to take back the Senate. Ezra Klein et al. are citing protracted congressional gridlock as a reason for O to act more aggressively; Congress, by its inaction, has created some sort of power vacuum and now the executive needs to fill it. If that’s their pretext for blessing immense, unprecedented executive action like a unilateral amnesty for five million illegals, then by all means let’s solve that gridlock right away. Vote Senate Democrats out and Senate Republicans in. Now, with both chambers controlled by the same party, even lefties will concede that Obama’s authority to act on his own has shrunk and that he has no choice but to return to more traditional forms of executive action — in theory. I’ve got a funny feeling that what they’ll do in practice is claim that gridlock still exists, only now between Congress and the executive, and of course in case of a stalemate like that the tie should go to whichever branch is controlled by the Democrats. But let’s at least force them to make that argument."

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