Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Noam Chomsky Fallacy

There's something which I call the Noam Chomsky fallacy. Noam Chomsky, terribly stupid man that he is (tenured at MIT since before 'Nam for Christ's sake,) abuses this fallacy all the time. He has endless citation but the citations tend not to prove the point he's citing them for.

My best friend, God love 'im, is a Noam Chomsky fanboy, serial sanctimonious atheist, and sore debate loser. (He never wins debates with me, making him really fun to debate as I do have to try to beat him even though I always win. It's because I actually try.)

Tommy Christopher is essentially who is using this tactic heavily right now. Said man is on a crusade for gun control right now, using his bully pulpit as editor of Mediaite as a soap box in pursuit of his eroding goal.

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