Monday, June 17, 2013

Best of the Web Today: Moonlight Serenade -

Best of the Web Today: Moonlight Serenade - "The Krueger speech essentially argues it isn't fair that some rockers are superstars while others aren't, because "luck plays a major role in the rock 'n roll industry." We're willing to believe there's something to that premise. After all, we don't care for Springsteen--we find his voice grating and his lyrics depressing--so we're happy to concede his superstar status is a product of good fortune rather than talent.

But so what? Apparently lots of other people love his music, so he provides his customers with something valuable to them. In other words, he didn't just win the lottery. Does he deserve to be punished for his "luck"? Do his fans deserve for him to be punished?"

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