Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Are you “bro-choice”? « Hot Air

Are you “bro-choice”? « Hot Air: "Most abortion warriors blanch at the accusation that they’re willing to flush a human life out of pure inconvenience; they’ll tell you how dangerous pregnancy can be, how expensive treatment is, how it limits women’s job opportunities for nine months, etc. Carrying to term is a momentous and risky ordeal, they want you to understand, so that the balance of equities in the “abort or not to abort” conundrum seems a bit more even. Not this guy. He gives you some of the traditional reasons in his post to oppose abortion regulations, but if those don’t sell you, just think of the bottom line: You might get less ass. What red-blooded American male would oppose a trip to Dr. Gosnell’s office for some feet-harvesting if those are the stakes?"

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