Saturday, July 13, 2013

'Crystal Fairy' Director: Kids Should Do Drugs Like Mescaline

'Crystal Fairy' Director: Kids Should Do Drugs Like Mescaline: "The director of the new indie film Crystal Fairy thinks it's fine for today's youth to do certain kinds of drugs.
Director Sebastian Silva's film, which currently holds an 80 percent "fresh" rating at, follows a scruffy American (Michael Cera) on a quest to find a special hallucinogen.
I highly recommend kids to take drugs," he said in a recent video interview with Uinterview, adding: " No, but I’m not talking about cocaine or crystal meth, you know what I’m talking about its like …  yeah [laughs] that kind of stuff."
Silva was referring to mescaline, which Michael Cera and friends drink in the film."

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