Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Keep Talking | National Review Online

Keep Talking | National Review Online: "I had a friend at Oxford called Jane. For a year or so, Jane lived in America, and she traveled extensively by car for work. Every time she saw a huckster’s sign that predicted that the end of the world was due next week or heard a radio broadcast that offended her or met someone with views she would rather not have heard, Jane’s love for America diminished slightly. I never understood this. True liberty practically invites all of that stuff. But you can make of it what you will. In my way of seeing things, you might as well scream at the television listings in the newspaper for advertising all of the shows you hate. Just switch them off. Switch them off and put on what you want. What I want will never be Alex Jones. But I’m pretty glad he exists out in the open — and, whatever your politics, you should be, too."

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