Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Edward Snowden NSA Snow Job - POLITICO Magazine

Edward Snowden NSA Snow Job - POLITICO Magazine: "The theft and publication of secret documents, as my new book, The Snowden Operation, argues, is not a heroic campaign but reckless self-indulgence, with disastrous consequences. Snowden and his accomplices deserve censure, not applause.

Snowden claims the moral high ground. In a recent softball interview with German television, he claimed that the National Security Agency was involved in scandalous industrial espionage. In a live Q&A on his supporters’ website, he decried “unaccountable senior officials authorizing these unconstitutional programs.” His revelations continue, most recently via NBC and the Guardian, claiming among other things that the NSA uses the “Angry Birds” video game to track its targets (though closer scrutiny of the material suggested a different story)."

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