Sunday, September 21, 2014

#GamerGate, Anita Sarkeesian and Video Game Journalism

#GamerGate, Anita Sarkeesian and Video Game Journalism: "Anita Sarkeesian is not the mouth-piece of feminism in gaming, and nor should she be. That’s not to say I completely and vehemently disagree with absolutely everything she says. Indeed, some of her arguments are well-founded and presented. The issue, which many a studious observer has already pointed out, is that Sarkeesian focuses on the sensationalist to drive home her point, makes errors in her analyses, and, on occasion, misleads her viewers.

As with other forms of serious entertainment, video games need to come under close scrutiny to ensure studios, developers and publishers make more informed decisions and grow as an industry. Generally speaking, however, the gaming community deserves a better class of video game critics and reviewers to guide the industry."

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