Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Donald Trump, Constitution-Hating Authoritarian | National Review Online

Donald Trump, Constitution-Hating Authoritarian | National Review Online: "From my perspective, this development has been a salutary one. A free people should be reflexively distrustful of those who hold power, and they should be wedded to the idea that the law serves as the best bulwark against caprice. Human liberty is protected most effectively when its beneficiaries learn to separate their preferred outcomes from their preferred means and to elevate their future safety over their present expedience. We do not enjoy a codified constitution in this country because the founding generation was fearful of General Washington or John Adams, but because it was fearful of men in the future whose names and characters they did not — and would not — know. That the Right has demonstrated a flair for consistent dissent has been a good and welcome thing. That it has looked beyond the immediate and ushered in a host of public officials whose guiding lights lie within the nation’s supreme law is even better."

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