Saturday, December 5, 2015

UAW has gotten its feet under the table at Volkswagen in Tennessee « Hot Air

UAW has gotten its feet under the table at Volkswagen in Tennessee « Hot Air: "VW had been fighting this move, not because they are some sort of union crushing monster, but because the agreement only covers a relative handful of highly skilled tech workers, not the entire labor base. In fact, through this entire process the management has been actively working to get a union in place rather than fighting it, but what they wanted was something closer to a European labor board such as is common on their home turf, where workers could be represented alongside the management and come to workable solutions for both. (Getting a taste of how labor unions work in the United States has apparently been something of a wake up call for them.)

The deal they wound up with here has trouble written all over it. For one thing, they’ve got the UAW inside the walls now which is probably something of a hybrid between letting in an organized crime unit and cockroaches. From the perspective of the employees, there are a bit more than one hundred workers who will have a major national union in there arguing on their behalf, likely diving up pay and benefits while the rest of them don’t have any such leverage. That’s a formula for unrest among the ranks if I’ve ever seen one, but only time will tell."

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