Friday, October 5, 2012

FBI investigates in Benghazi for … 12 hours « Hot Air

FBI investigates in Benghazi for … 12 hours « Hot Air: "That brings up two points, if the State Department was reluctant to have the FBI in Benghazi for security reasons (it could have been the FBI who showed understandable reluctance after what happened).  One, the insistence that security in Benghazi was so bad that the FBI couldn’t get within 400 miles to investigate the terrorist attack stands in pretty stark contrast to their hand-washing on security in the months prior to the attack.  Second, State has a vested interest now in obfuscation in this attack, thanks to what we know now about their approach to security and the well-founded fears of the now-deceased US Ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens.

We should have had a military contingent in Benghazi immediately to secure that location, which was a legitimate diplomatic outpost of the United States.  We can’t even show our face outside of daylight hours now.  No matter who made those decisions and why, that’s a tremendously weak showing in a part of the world where weakness costs lives."

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