Thursday, October 24, 2013

What's Wrong With Rooting For Obamacare Failure?

What's Wrong With Rooting For Obamacare Failure?: "In a press conference, expected to feature a mea culpa for the Obamacare website fiasco, President Barack Obama  turned the tables on his political opponents, scolding them for using their supernatural ability to transform the mere hope of failure into a reality.

“It’s time,” he implored, “for folks to stop rooting for its failure, because hardworking, middle-class families are rooting for its success.”

There is a serious problem with this statement. Now, if you’re a libertarian, rooting for Washington to fail is probably one of your cherished hobbies. It’s certainly one of the most unappreciated sentiments a person embraces. And, most often, there is nothing unpatriotic, immoral or unethical about it. Quite the opposite, actually."

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