Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Political Musical Whose Time Has Come—-Again « Hot Air

A Political Musical Whose Time Has Come—-Again « Hot Air: "Of Thee I Sing, a musical that first appeared on Broadway over eighty years ago is long over due for a Broadway revival.

One of the most biting political satires ever written, Of Thee I Sing was the first successful American musical with a consistently satiric tone. It was so satirical, the writers of the play and the cast were unsure of what the public’s reception would be, prompting one of the writers of the book, George S. Kaufman, to quip “Satire is what closes on Saturday night.”

Written at the beginning of the great depression, Of Thee I Sing lampoons a political system too tied up in personalities and silly little issues to fix the country’s economy and of how a completely gullible American people can be controlled at the hands of a good media spin (sound familiar?)."

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