Monday, January 6, 2014

Daily Beast Writer Insists 'War on Poverty Worked' | NewsBusters

Daily Beast Writer Insists 'War on Poverty Worked' | NewsBusters: "So Tomasky admits that utopian liberal Democrats overpromised and under delivered, but he still puts faith in "full funding" of the "war on poverty," suggesting that significantly ameliorating destitution in United States is largely a function of how much federal money is pumped out at the problem.

And while Tomasky all but admits what Jesus told his disciples to be true -- "the poor will always be with you" -- he failed to take a stab at, for example, what is an acceptable "natural" poverty level which is politically acceptable in a free society. Because wealth and poverty are a relative measure, there's always going to be "the poor" among us."

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