Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Does the right need a Rachel Maddow? | The Daily Caller

Does the right need a Rachel Maddow? | The Daily Caller: "Notice that (according to Johnson, at least) Maddow’s goal isn’t to win the ratings war, but rather, to “push the Democratic party, and the country, to the left.”

My guess is this is an unintentional observation, but one which is, perhaps, true.

If Maddow’s objective (the premise of the piece is that Maddow is calling the shots, behind-the-scenes) were to create a network that garnered high ratings today, then she might be considered a failure. But one could argue that long-term political goals and short-term business objectives for a cable news network are mutually exclusive — or, at least, they don’t necessarily correlate.

And, if nothing else, Maddow & Co. are populating the mainstream media with young wonky pundits — folks who will likely be around for decades, pushing their liberal agenda."

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