Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Here Come The Democratic Birthers - The Daily Beast

Here Come The Democratic Birthers - The Daily Beast: "What? You thought only Republicans could be birthers?

In a fundraising email sent out Monday, the bombastic, bombthrowing Florida Democrat Alan Grayson included a transcript of remarks from an interview with MSNBC where he claimed that Ted Cruz was ineligible to be president. Grayson said "since Ted Cruz is a Canadian, and our Constitution requires tha[t] an American win, I'm pretty sure that it's not going to be Ted Cruz." Cruz, a 2016 presidential hopeful, was born in Canada but his mother was an American citizen and the Texas senator became a citizen of the United States at birth. 

Although the Constitution says that the President must be a "natural born citizen," the term is not defined. However, most legal scholars believe that anyone who is a citizen at birth is "natural born." As Jack Maskell of the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service noted in a report."

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