Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Problem with 'Super Trucks' | National Review Online

The Problem with 'Super Trucks' | National Review Online: "And improving mileage may not even be the best way to reduce emissions from freight-hauling trucks. Those generally run on diesel, and companies such as Mercedes have had great success in reducing diesel emissions with exhaust additives rather than through simply improving fuel economy. But the Obama administration’s mandate to automakers was improving fuel economy, not reducing emissions. It is conceivable that one could improve fuel economy while doing nothing to reduce emissions, the relationship between the two being nonlinear, and while doing nothing to reduce the cost of ownership, either.

Whatever the technology that is deployed to maximize freight trucks’ fuel emissions, one thing is a safe bet: It will not be free. Like most passenger hybrids, it may not even produce savings. President Obama had a bit to say about the benefits, but nothing substantive to say about the costs."

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