Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jeb Bush on gay marriage: The states should decide « Hot Air

Jeb Bush on gay marriage: The states should decide « Hot Air: "Marco Rubio, another social conservative from the very purple state of Florida, also thinks gay marriage should be left to the states notwithstanding his personal support for traditional marriage. So does tea-party champion Ted Cruz, who’s been praised by no less than Barney Frank for taking a federalist approach that would allow blue states to legalize SSM instead of backing a (doomed) Federal Marriage Amendment that would ban the practice coast to coast. For Republican candidates across the spectrum, this issue is virtually no upside and all downside. Public support nationally for legalization continues to climb, and Obama’s already proved that backing gay marriage is no obstacle to winning a presidential election handily. The obvious play, even for righty stalwarts like Cruz, is to do your best to please your base while also doing your best not to alienate swing voters wary of a top-down “values” crusade against the tide of public opinion. Hence Bush’s stance."

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