Saturday, January 17, 2015

The campus sexual assault narrative hits rock bottom « Hot Air

The campus sexual assault narrative hits rock bottom « Hot Air: "The girl had nothing to do with it. She objected to the case being taken up. This was a non-incident that could have taken place anywhere in the country on any given day and resulted in nothing more than a person being surprised (and perhaps startled) for a moment, followed by some embarrassed laughs and everyone going on their way.

We can say with some legitimacy that this is the college’s fault, but only to a certain extent. If they had some convictions regarding common sense and the courage to back them up they wouldn’t find themselves in the middle of this awkward media circus. But given how closely Uncle Sam is monitoring every campus on the nation for the slightest hint of evidence that young men at college are all as evil as Rolling Stone and the feminist movement make them out to be, combined with their reliance on funding from various sources, they are acting with a dangerous overabundance of caution. It doesn’t make it noble or right, but it’s a fiscal reality of running a college, I suppose."

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