Friday, February 7, 2014

Best of the Web Today: Sounds Familiar -

Best of the Web Today: Sounds Familiar - "But we want to focus on that "more time with your family." Krugman's voice turns out to be but one in a vast chorus of ObamaCare apologists singing that refrain.

E.J. Dionne, Washington Post: "Oh my God, say opponents of the ACA, here is the government encouraging sloth! That's true only if you wish to take away the choices the law gives that 64-year-old or to those moms and dads looking for more time to care for their children. Many on the right love family values until they are taken seriously enough to involve giving parents/workers more control over their lives."

Ron Fournier, National Journal: "The GOP has seized on CBO's conclusion that the equivalent of more than 2 million Americans would use Obamacare subsidies to leave the workforce. No longer tied to jobs merely to cling to health insurance, some people will retire early, work part time, start a business, or spend more time with their families.""

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