Thursday, February 6, 2014

Is Paul Ryan the man to beat in 2016? « Hot Air

Is Paul Ryan the man to beat in 2016? « Hot Air: "Key question, then: What’s the case for Ryan over Walker? They’re both low-key Wisconsinites, both young, both with battle scars from their fiscal initiatives. Walker’s win over PEUs is arguably the biggest conservative policy victory since Obama took office, and seems to me increasingly recognized as such. For all his alleged “baggage,” he’s still on track to win reelection in a state where the left and its union allies have been frantic to take him down for the past three years. Ryan’s got him beat in name recognition right now but all governors have to cope with better-known rivals when they first start running. And at this point, Walker has a broader base between centrists and conservatives than Ryan does. What am I missing here?"

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