Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Creepy, Sinister Sexlessness Is Descending on the Tech World

A Creepy, Sinister Sexlessness Is Descending on the Tech World: "Dressed up as "anti-harassment," this new refusal to engage with basic human reality is a sign that something is going a bit wrong with the psychology of the tech startup world. Is it any wonder the products made by this new, puritanical generation of entrepreneurs aren't capturing the public's imagination? 
Should we be surprised that the sexes are more awkward about talking to each other than ever before, when the entire tech industry is awash with useless, counterproductive middle-class guilt-fuelled "women in tech" initiatives that do nothing to help tech and nothing to help women? 
Before we even get to how creepy and strange it is to start legislating about "sexualised environments" at a tech conference, think about the subtext here. Because they're not talking to their female attendees, are they--despite the fact that the only incident of sexual assault at London tech conference I can ever remember was perpetrated by a woman, in 2011. "

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