Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What to Do about ‘Inequality’ | National Review Online

What to Do about ‘Inequality’ | National Review Online: "The Right has spent about 40 years working to liberate resources available for the education of young children through vouchers and other school-choice measures, and in recent years have paid a great deal of attention to attempting to put a brake on the ridiculous inflation of college expenses. But it’s tough to get a handle on costs when you’re paying Professor Krugman a couple hundred grand a year to not teach a course on inequality and helping Professor Warren pay the mortgage on her million-dollar mansion. Imitating Democrats of yore, those same people stand in the schoolhouse door when it comes to getting poor and largely minority children out of terrible schools. Start a business? “You didn’t build that!” insists President Obama. George W. Bush thought it might be wise to help people save real money for their own retirements — money that could have been left to their children, helping to build intergenerational wealth, something that is crucially lacking in the permanent underclass. Democrats compared him to Adolf Hitler."

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