Saturday, October 11, 2014

“Weekend of Resistance” in Ferguson takes disturbing turn « Hot Air

“Weekend of Resistance” in Ferguson takes disturbing turn « Hot Air: "At this point you may be wondering what the heck most of that has to do with Michael Brown or relations between police and the black community. The answer is pretty much nothing. But having observed numerous other protests, this shouldn’t be all that shocking. Whenever large scale social unrest breaks out and crowds gather, the two ideological groups which seem to flock to the violence – and seek to augment it – are the anarchists and the communists. (The irony of this should be lost on none of us, given that the two seek precisely opposite social reformation goals.)

But if the protesters and the OBS interlopers can each serve the purposes of the other, if only for a short period of time on completely superficial aspects of the underlying issues, then the mixing of the amassed forces is probably inevitable. Still, this is the sort of messaging we need to keep an eye on because it can swell out of control on a moment’s notice in a social tinderbox such as this."

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