Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Scott Brown puts MA home on market, heads for NH « Hot Air

Scott Brown puts MA home on market, heads for NH « Hot Air: "Brown wouldn’t exactly be a carpetbagger in New Hampshire. He already owns a home in Rye, and while it hasn’t been his primary residence, he spends quite a bit of time there.  The legal license issue is probably a technicality at best, or an annoyance of a few months at worst.  He will want to fully establish himself in New Hampshire before starting a campaign to represent the state, but this isn’t anything like Alan Keyes flying to Illinois as a last-minute replacement against then-state legislator Barack Obama for a Senate seat in 2004 — although Democrats will certainly make the case that it is.

The question will be whether New Hampshire Republicans will embrace Brown. He had to occupy the center pretty firmly in his attempt to remain viable in Massachusetts, but Granite State Republicans are more libertarian in their drift. John Fund notes that recent polling in New Hampshire shows Brown to be competitive in a general election, but facing some potential headwinds in the primary."

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