Monday, December 16, 2013

Video: Obamacare shutters Nevada mega-gym’s daycare facility « The Greenroom

Video: Obamacare shutters Nevada mega-gym’s daycare facility « The Greenroom: "Liberals have taken to whining about conservatives using Obamacare as a catch-all scapegoat for all of society’s ills.  To the extent that the new law is being blamed for “everything” — an exaggeration, obviously — Obamacare supporters have no one to blame but themselves.  When one markets a controversial healthcare overhaul as a panacea that will benefit everyone, with no trade-offs or losers, one should expect to reap the whirlwind when promised rainbows and butterflies fail to materialize and people start to notice.  Lies of the year don’t explode in a vacuum.  There are victims and consequences.  O’s loyalists can “explain” until they’re blue in the face; people aren’t buying the spin.  You broke it, you bought it, lefties. “B-b-but, the American healthcare system was flawed, with costs increasing, before the passage of Obamacare,” they protest.  No argument here.  But it was this president and his Congressional allies who insisted that their exorbitantly costly power-grab would eliminate these problems and usher in a new era of affordability and fairness. It hasn't. Indeed, the failure has been so comprehensive that by a wide margin, Americans now say they’d prefer to turn back to the old, flawed system rather than forge ahead with the new regime."

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