Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Trouble With Populism? It Isn’t That Popular - Bloomberg

The Trouble With Populism? It Isn’t That Popular - Bloomberg: "Actually, some things would be more disastrous for Democrats -- a few more months like the last two, for instance. Nonetheless, Cowan and Kessler are right that going full-populist is a bad idea. In modern politics, populists struggle to win elections. Why? Because they underestimate the people.

To be more exact, the difficulty lies with an excess of populism -- which is what Krugman and others recommend for the Democrats and what the Tea Party wants to impose on Republicans. In healthy democracies, a diluted dose of populism is vital for any political project or party, liberal or conservative. Even technocrats have to get elected, and if they feel no empathy for ordinary voters, they had better fake some. But modern voters are offended by too much populism. As they should be, because it insults their intelligence."

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