Monday, February 3, 2014

Best of the Web Today: Skid Roe -

Best of the Web Today: Skid Roe - "Which brings us to our pet theory, the Roe Effect. We argue that Roe v. Wade had the unanticipated political consequence of elevating the topic of abortion and polarizing public opinion around it and the unanticipated demographic consequence of reducing fertility unevenly and thereby intergenerationally diminishing support for abortion, as well as the proclivity to have abortions. In other words, the women deciding whether to have abortions now are disproportionately the daughters of women who opposed abortion. Of course parents don't always convince their offspring of their views, but surely they have some influence in the aggregate.

One explanation Guttmacher discounts is what the Post calls a "recent wave of state laws restricting access to abortion." Most of these were not yet in effect by 2011, according to the Post, but "those restrictions will surely have an impact on the numbers going forward, said Rachel K. Jones, a senior researcher at Guttmacher and lead researcher on the paper.""

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