Tuesday, April 22, 2014

America's Future Foundation | Stewardship and Martha Stewart

America's Future Foundation | Stewardship and Martha Stewart: "Two weeks ago I heard my colleague, Paula, in the office next to mine, exclaim, “I hate my sister.” The sister inspired this remark by sending a taunting e-mail that included Martha’s Stewart’s Going Green Checklist: 101 Ways to Get Started.” Apparently these siblings share a love for Martha Stewart, and the younger one wanted to rub it in my colleague’s face that “Martha is on my side.”

“But I do all these things,” Paula shouted at the monitor, listing her checks on the checklist: “Eat what’s in season,” “Find new uses for old things,” “Don’t charge your phone overnight,” “Line dry your clothes when possible.” Paula’s younger sister presumed that her big sis was anti-green because she is a conservative. Indeed, on at least one of Marths’a 101 Ways, Paula isn’t on board: “Vote for change.” In this context, this clearly meant: “Vote for politicians who will use the might of government to mandate or subsidize these activities, and prohibit or punish their alternatives.”"

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