Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Oh, was yesterday Earth Day? « Hot Air

Oh, was yesterday Earth Day? « Hot Air: "Contrarian free-market environmentalist that I consider myself, I don’t know that I necessarily oppose the idea of designating a day on which we might take a moment to be especially mindful of the resources we consume and the subsequent neighborhood effects of those consumption habits… although, then again, that’s pretty much exactly what — you know — prices are for, but sure. Designating that day based on the co-impetus of some psycho hippie who murdered and “composted” his girlfriend and then turning it into a celebration of alarmism and top-down collectivization (i.e., eco-radicals’ two favorite things), though? Er…

While I’m sure public-school children across America were treated to plenty of indoctrinating lectures to mark the occasion, I almost managed to miss it entirely — which might be because Americans just aren’t ranking the issue as a major priority right now compared to all of our other problems."

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