Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Best of the Web Today: Judd Gregg Was Right -

Best of the Web Today: Judd Gregg Was Right - "The senator's withdrawal statement described the disagreement about the census as "irresolvable." He later backtracked somewhat, saying at a news conference that "the census was only a slight catalyzing issue. It was not a major issue." But as O'Keefe observed, "the issue has become a rallying cry of congressional Republicans."

Gregg served out his Senate term retiring after the 2010 election, when another Republican, Kelly Ayotte, was elected as his successor. The Democrats eventually got their 60th senator: In April, Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter switched parties, and in July, Minnesota's Al Franken was seated after a prolonged recount. The Democratic supermajority lasted only seven months, until Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown was seated after winning a special election occasioned by Ted Kennedy's death. That was long enough to push ObamaCare through over united Republican opposition."

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