Monday, April 21, 2014

Best of the Web Today: Purdy Grievances -

Best of the Web Today: Purdy Grievances - "Yet that question "if you're smart, why aren't you rich?" seems to carry quite a sting. The most bitter complaints about disparities of income and wealth come from affluent intellectuals who resent a system in which it is possible for others to become fabulously wealthy. "Entrepreneurship is the model for everything," Purdy complains. "Ambitious students are encouraged to develop a distinctive brand, market themselves, network, and consider their decisions in terms of return on investment."

Purdy doesn't mention it, but developing a distinctive brand and marketing oneself are just what Purdy himself managed to do 15 years ago. Piketty is doing the same thing now, as evidenced by a New York Times story titled "Economist Receives Rock Star Treatment." Ironic, huh?"

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