Thursday, April 17, 2014

Video: Obama declines to endorse Biden for 2016 « Hot Air

Video: Obama declines to endorse Biden for 2016 « Hot Air: "Obama did say that Biden was “the finest Vice President in history,” a statement that had some produced no small amount of mirth on Twitter. Really, though, what else was Obama supposed to say? The fortunate aspect of that statement is that declaring any VP the finest in history amounts to an unchallengeable claim — there simply are no metrics for success in the role, only failure. With Aaron Burr and Spiro Agnew tied for worst, every other VP has at least an argument for primacy simply for managing to finish the job.

As for endorsements, the same holds here, too. Outgoing Presidents rarely interfere in primaries, assuming the role of party leader and staying above the partisan fray. Only for VPs does that change — Biden has a shot at it — but usually only after the outcome is all but guaranteed. Ronald Reagan endorsed George H. W. Bush, but not until May 1988, long after Bush had made his nomination certain. Bill Clinton endorsed Al Gore in 2000, but only Bill Bradley challenged Gore in the primary, and that was hardly a serious bid."

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