Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Best of the Web Today: Excuses, Excuses - WSJ.com

Best of the Web Today: Excuses, Excuses - WSJ.com: "So we are supposed to believe that Obama was "privately skeptical" of ObamaCare but bullied it through anyway because he lacked "the confidence in his own judgment to override the experts he was surrounded by," as a result of which he was "blindsided." Not only is that implausible, but it makes Obama look even more pathetic than he is. An act of willful destruction at least commands a certain grudging respect.

Nocera concludes by invoking the Cuban Missile Crisis, another Kennedy-era encounter with the island of superior health care. Once again, Kennedy received bad judgment from the Pentagon, but this time he rejected it. "He had applied the lessons he had learned from the Bay of Pigs to the Cuban missile crisis. As President Obama tries to turn Obamacare around, that is the looming question: Can he learn?"


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