Monday, November 25, 2013

Video: Karzai double-crosses US on pact? « Hot Air

Video: Karzai double-crosses US on pact? « Hot Air: "The Obama administration has more trouble with its diplomacy than just regarding Iran. Last week, the White House let it be known that they had all but concluded a pact with Afghanistan to keep as many as 15,000 troops, mostly American, in place until 2024, a decade longer than Barack Obama promised when he launched his own surge strategy in late 2009. Almost immediately after going out on that political limb, Hamid Karzai began to saw it off, insisting that the issue had to be brought before tribal elders and that Karzai himself wouldn’t sign it either way, a direct rebuke to the Obama administration.  Karzai insists that the next elected president of Afghanistan should make that decision himself, throwing a wrench into the gears of Pentagon planning and putting the entire agreement at risk.  NBC now reports that even with the Loya Jirga endorsing the pact, Karzai is still refusing to cooperate, demanding more concessions from the White House."

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