Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dem Pollster, Ed Schultz Urge Democrats to Promote ‘Popular’ Obamacare | Mediaite

Dem Pollster, Ed Schultz Urge Democrats to Promote ‘Popular’ Obamacare | Mediaite: "Let’s hope Ms. Gardner does not count young people or Hispanics among their coalition of “the Rising American Electorate.” The ACA’s namesake, President Barack Obama, has lost support among young voters in poll after poll since the ACA’s demands on their wallets evolved from an abstract concept to the concrete threat. The latest WSJ/NBC News poll shows Obama underwater with young voters, only 45 percent of whom approve of the job he has done in office, and Hispanics, were now just 42 percent expressed approval with the president.

The ACA itself fares much worse. A survey of millennials conducted by Harvard University recently found that 57 percent of young Americans disapprove of the law. Only one third of those young adults who are uninsured told pollsters they plan to sign up for private insurance through the program. A recent Pew poll found that just 52 percent of Hispanics approve of the law but, with 47 percent of America’s Latino population under the age of 27, there is likely to be significant overlap with disaffected millennials."

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