Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Record Industry Bullies Pandora in Shakedown of Broadcast Radio

Record Industry Bullies Pandora in Shakedown of Broadcast Radio: "Pandora has been a supporter of the Internet Radio Fairness Act (IRFA), a bill to restructure royalties paid by Internet radio stations. Royalty rates for Internet radio currently set by the Copyright Royalties Board (CRB) in the Library of Congress seem to bear no relationship to real market forces. The IRFA is intended to encourage record labels to engage in free market negotiations with Internet radio stations by requiring the CRB to take into consideration market conditions and impacts. The idea is that the application of common sense at the CRB would inhibit unreasonable rate setting and make free market negotiations more appealing to record labels.

RIAA, of course, vehemently opposed IFRA and played hard to protect their government inflated royalty rates. They trotted out artists from Pink Floyd to Cee Lo Green and relentlessly attacked IRFA and Pandora for pushing it. As far as Pandora goes, the RIAA won. Pandora recently announced that they are abandoning their pursuit of IRFA, choosing instead to focus their efforts on “other paths” to solve the problem of stratospheric and anti-competitive royalty rates."

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