Monday, March 31, 2014

Couple on the run for over $160,000 in welfare fraud « Hot Air

Couple on the run for over $160,000 in welfare fraud « Hot Air: "The Chisholms are getting enormous media attention, as they should. Hopefully, they are arrested and charged to the full extent of the law, and their experience brings about the right policy changes to state and federal anti-poverty programs.

Politicians and bureaucrats don’t like to talk about it in any substantive fashion, but fraud and other inefficiencies are enormous, and the Chisholms aren’t even the biggest culprits. The federal government alone sees hundreds of billions of dollars lost each year to fraud, though nobody knows exactly how much or how it’s done. And while conservatives rightly express concerns about the financial stability of anti-poverty programs like Medicaid, food stamps, Social Security, and Medicare, improperly and inefficiently spent federal dollars cost taxpayers enough to balance the budget and then some for years to come."

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