Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Dem plan – Bridget Kelly is a feminist heroine « Hot Air

New Dem plan – Bridget Kelly is a feminist heroine « Hot Air: "But this leaves a rather inconvenient rock left to be turned over. Whether or not you continue to believe that Christie was involved in planning this and it’s all a massive coverup, everyone was previously in agreement that Kelly was one of the instrumental tools in pulling it off, right? I mean, weren’t you all in agreement that this bridge plan was a bad thing? I mean, people could have been killed, fergoshsakes! Surely you all remember that this was just terrible, and that Kelly sent out the now infamous “time for some traffic problems” e-mail, right? And she’s now the sympathetic figure in this passion play?

I know you desperately need to bring down Chris Christie, guys. And this is national level politics, so we all have to put on our Kevlar undies and be ready for fastballs. But you really need to comb through the memos that come out of these strategy meetings a little bit better."

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