Sunday, March 30, 2014

“Making it harder for Democrats to vote” « Hot Air

“Making it harder for Democrats to vote” « Hot Air: "The article also tackles questions about voter ID, but that’s been covered here ad nauseam. What’s more interesting to me today is the question over voting days and hours. Overlooked in the lengthy flood of analysis is the fact that it is well established that each state decides its own voting procedures, including how and when you vote. While it’s true that some states currently allow for generous, extending polling periods, not all of them do. (As an aside, I’m not talking about absentee voting, which is a separate matter.) If a state decides to tighten up the window for voting, that applies to everyone. If you find a state trying to say that Republicans get seven days to vote and Democrats only get five, let me know. I’ll be right there with you protesting the law."

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