Monday, March 31, 2014

The EPA’s next regulatory frontier: Methane emissions « Hot Air

The EPA’s next regulatory frontier: Methane emissions « Hot Air: "The progressives’ wealthy eco-contingent has been growing increasingly displeased with the Obama administration and their relatively mild efforts to temper global warming via executive action revealed in their Climate Action Plan announced last summer — namely, the administration’s refusal to more quickly squelch the fossil-fuel industry and more rapidly bring about those “necessarily skyrocketing” energy prices about which President Obama once spoke so dreamily.

Ergo, on Friday, the Obama administration announced a new set of regulatory measures to target the greens’ latest pet peeve: Methane emissions. They have recently turned to methane emissions especially as a bludgeon with which to hammer the shale oil-and-gas boom, claiming that methane’s status as an especially potent greenhouse gas (about 20 times the warming effects as carbon dioxide over time, they say) actually cancels out the lower carbon-emitting benefits we’ve been recording from our lately increased natural gas usage."

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