Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Best of the Web Today: Bore More Years - WSJ.com

Best of the Web Today: Bore More Years - WSJ.com: "Seib offers the caveat that "six months is an eternity in modern politics." That's not literally true, but it sure feels that way. Voter unenthusiasm is easy to understand after the experience of the past few years. Democrats were thrilled in 2008 to be voting for Barack Obama, the man who promised to heal the oceans and halt the rise of the planet. We're naive enough to hold out hope that nobody actually believed such nonsense, but there's no denying some found the fantasy arresting. Reality was less so.

As for Republicans, they were fired up in 2010 by the prospect of stopping Obama. But all they could do was slow him. And has there ever been a slower 3½ years?

Of course if Republicans do well this November solely on the strength of their voters' lesser degree of unenthusiasm, that won't necessarily augur well for 2016, when the Obama era will at long last be coming to an end. The common view is that the Democrats will line up behind Hillary Clinton. We're not sure we'll be able to stand the excitement."

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