Monday, May 19, 2014

Video: Commencement speaker lashes out at “arrogant,” “immature” student body « Hot Air

Video: Commencement speaker lashes out at “arrogant,” “immature” student body « Hot Air: "I don’t blame Birgenau for dumping Haverford from his schedule. Why spend your quality time talking to a bunch of self-righteous jackasses who already have demonstrated that they don’t want dialogue but surrender?

The awarding of an honorary degree is still a different issue, though. It’s one thing to defend an unpopular position in an open debate, which should be encouraged. An invitation from a college or university to someone with a heterodox view on an issue does not equate to an endorsement of that point of view. Awarding an honorary degree does carry that kind of implicit endorsement, and is a valid point of criticism when it comes to speaker invitations. Why, though, do universities insist on issuing these meaningless documents to their speakers? It’s an absurdity, especially for those who have already earned advanced degrees in their fields of expertise. Get rid of the phony degrees and maybe we can marginalize the phony elites even further."

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