Monday, May 19, 2014

Rubio declines to answer whether he’s ever tried marijuana « Hot Air

Rubio declines to answer whether he’s ever tried marijuana « Hot Air: "Rubio makes two very good points, even if one disagrees on his position on legalization and enforcement. Like it or not, the law does send a moral signal on behavior in exactly the manner that Rubio describes. Legalization will send the signal that (a) marijuana can be safely consumed, and (b) that will result in greater use over the long arc. The question is whether the negative impact of that is eclipsed by the savings in resources used in prohibition of a widely-available substance that grows practically everywhere in the US, and whether the removal of that prohibition will push back against the civil-rights abuses of the War on Drugs to an extent that it outweighs the other societal costs.

That will only be determined by studying the effects of legalization in states like Colorado and Washington — and as long as the marijuana is grown within the state and not crossing state lines, we should have a debate as to whether the federal government should have a role in it. Conservatives who wish a reversal on Wickard v Filburn should be rooting against federal intervention in those circumstances."

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