Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Best of the Web Today: Watch It, Kinsley -

Best of the Web Today: Watch It, Kinsley - "By "here," Sullivan means in the editing of Kinsley's review. But she herself characterizes the review unfairly. Here's the "self-righteous sourpuss" line in context:

[Greenwald's] story is full of journalistic derring-do, mostly set in exotic Hong Kong. It's a great yarn, which might be more entertaining if Greenwald himself didn't come across as so unpleasant. Maybe he's charming and generous in real life. But in "No Place to Hide," Greenwald seems like a self-righteous sourpuss, convinced that every issue is "straightforward," and if you don't agree with him, you're part of something he calls "the authorities," who control everything for their own nefarious but never explained purposes.
This is not an ad hominem attack at all; it's a criticism of the book's tone. Kinsley isn't saying that Greenwald's sour tone invalidates his arguments but that it makes his book unenjoyable to read. That's surely relevant to anyone who may be considering reading it."

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