Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Holder Convicts Switzerland -

Holder Convicts Switzerland - "In case after case Justice wants account information on U.S. customers, which Swiss bankers by law have resisted disclosing absent specific evidence of criminal activity. Prosecutors aren't getting the names they wanted in this case, so they're settling for money, the firings of several bank employees and some banker-bashing headlines.

This is not to say that no crimes were committed by Credit Suisse employees. Eight have been indicted, two have pleaded guilty and at least one has admitted to flying to the U.S. with suitcases full of undeclared cash for tax-evading clients. Since it is the people at a bank—rather than the buildings or the desk chairs—who commit the crimes, it is altogether appropriate to prosecute bank employees who violate laws. By all means pursue the alleged law-breakers vigorously. If higher ups were in on the conspiracy, they should be charged too."

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