Friday, May 16, 2014

The Media's Abortion Problem

The Media's Abortion Problem: "Bump writes with the insouciant incuriosity that defines media coverage of abortion in America: “‘Life’ is something of a philosophical question…”  It never seems to have crossed his mind that whether the United States has permitted the genocide of 50 million human beings rests on the answer to this question.  Bump and his media compatriots are content to leave this essential question sitting in shadow, even while shedding light is their job.

In the same way, the media continues to permit the practice of abortion in America to go on without scrutiny.  Let us be clear: This is not a political complaint, but a journalistic scandal.  The great conceits of journalism—speaking truth to power, confronting the public with uncomfortable realities, giving a voice to the voiceless—are all abandoned when it comes to abortion."

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