Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Adam Carolla Targets 'Patent Trolls' with Podcast-Friendly Fundraiser

Adam Carolla Targets 'Patent Trolls' with Podcast-Friendly Fundraiser: "Patent trolls, or rather patent assertion entities (PAE) or non practicing entities (NPE) if you want to be politically correct, are nothing new to the world of business. Companies as big as Apple, Yahoo, MSN, Reddit and AOL have all been sued by these "non practicing entities" for infringing on legal patents. 
The way a patent troll works is this: companies buy up generic patents that could loosely apply to various emerging businesses. These companies then sue said emerging companies for infringing on the generic patents. Because fighting these patent trolls can cost so much money, many businesses and business owners simply settle. Those who battle against the PAEs insist that is the goal all along."

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