Monday, March 10, 2014

‘Cosmos’ Features Cartoonish Churchmen as Cartoon Villains | NewsBusters

‘Cosmos’ Features Cartoonish Churchmen as Cartoon Villains | NewsBusters: "But “Cosmos” got right to portraying Christianity as childish, reactionary and brutal. The stance is unsurprising, given the involvement of “The Family Guy” creator and liberal atheist Seth MacFarlane. Besides, according to series host Neil deGrasse Tyson, the goal of “Cosmos” is to get its audience to “embrace science.” What better way to do that than introduce a villain in the form of religion?

So a full 12 minutes of the first hour of “Cosmos” is taken up with a cartoon telling the story of Giordano Bruno, a Benedictine monk who was executed in 1600 by (what else?) the Inquisition in Rome. Bruno – who lived after Copernicus and died a few years before Galileo’s discoveries with a telescope – believed the Earth revolved around the Sun and, apparently, wouldn’t shut up about it."

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